We believe that a strong corporate sustainability framework, practice and culture translates to a strong company that delivers for all its stakeholders over the long term.


At DuluxGroup, we help our consumers to imagine and create better places and spaces in which to live and work. We do this by manufacturing and marketing a wide range of products that enhance, protect and maintain those places and spaces. We recognise that doing business in a responsible and sustainable way is critical for us to earn and maintain the respect and trust of all stakeholders including our consumers, customers and communities, our people and our shareholders.

This report has been prepared by reference to the relevant core principles of the globally recognised reporting framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI reporting framework sets out the principles and indicators that organisations can use to report their environmental, social and governance practices and performance.


Our Communities

Strong profit growth in 2017 was led by all our market leading Australian and New Zealand businesses, while we also developed further growth opportunities in the United Kingdom and Asia

DuluxGroup is committed to being a welcome and positive participant in our communities.

Our commitment encompasses:

  • giving back to our local communities through giving and volunteering programs to help them thrive;
  • ensuring that our products and our operations cause no harm;
  • employing thousands of local people;
  • supporting the development of science and innovation through collaboration and investment;
  • paying our fair share of taxes in all regions in which we operate;
  • contributing positively to public policy debate to best represent the interests of our shareholders, employees, customers and community
    and to advocate for the global competitiveness of Australian industry.

Our Environment

Our improvement priorities for sustainable operations are focussed on ensuring effective identification and management of the material risks associated with our sites. This includes a common strategic framework structured around three critical risk areas.

Our improvement priorities for sustainable operations are focussed on ensuring effective identification and management of the material risks associated with our sites. This includes a common strategic framework structured around three critical risk areas.

Waste generation

Waste to landfill (kilograms per tonne of production) decreased 1% to 14.7 kg/t. Significant waste reductions were achieved across some businesses, including decreases of 41% across Parchem and 11% across B&D Group. These improvements were largely offset by increased waste generation at Selleys Padstow, associated with operation of a waste water treatment plant.


Water consumption

Water consumption (kilolitres per tonne of production), including water used in production processes and in products as a raw material, increased 2% to 0.62 kL/t, due to increased consumption at DGL Camel Dongguan. The paints and coatings businesses account for more than 75% of group water consumption, with approximately 40% of this water used as raw material in formulation of water based products. Excluding DGL Camel, water consumption across the Dulux paints and coatings businesses declined 9%.


Energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions

DuluxGroup is not an energy intensive manufacturer. Total energy consumption (gigajoules per tonne of production) decreased 5% to 0.73 GJ/t. This reduction was associated with a plant shutdown at Yates Wyee for a major project and closure of the Dulux Padstow and Selleys Moorebank warehouses in late 2016.



Our People

At DuluxGroup, we believe that our diverse, skilled and engaged workforce is critical to our success. As a growing, multi-brand, increasingly global organisation, with more than 4000 employees in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia and China, our people are bound together with a common purpose: “To Imagine a Better Place for our Consumers”.


Steady progress was made in ensuring we sustain a proactive culture for identification and reporting of all hazards and near misses (“Total General Learning Incidents”), with total numbers increasing 11% to a positive, historic high level of 3.9 per employee.



Our Recordable Case Rate, or the total number of employee and contractor injuries requiring time off work, restricted duties or medical treatment per 200,000 hours, decreased 1% to 1.62 (representing 69 recordable injuries). This was in line with our 2016 injury performance and represents our second lowest level in the last 11 years.


Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

DuluxGroup currently operates in ANZ, Asia and the UK with more than 4,000 employees from diverse backgrounds.



Our Governance

DuluxGroup’s directors and management are committed to conducting business in an ethical, fair and transparent manner in accordance with high standards of corporate governance. We have a robust corporate governance framework in place and we are committed to fostering a culture of compliance that values personal and corporate integrity, accountability and continuous improvement.

Our corporate governance framework includes:

Our corporate governance framework includes:


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